Fekoskan offers cooperatives several services to make use of.


Start-up and Emerging Cooperatives

  • Organizational development including steering committee support and project management plan and timeline development
  • Pre-feasibility work including member surveys, organizing community and stakeholder meetings, and development of sources and uses of budgets
  • Assistance with feasibility assessments
  • Assistance with business plans and capitalization strategies
  • Membership drive and capitalization strategy development
  • Development of statutes and bylaws
  • Board training and policy development
  • Other support services where appropriate
  • Referrals to legal, accounting and other professional services providers


Established cooperatives

  • Member training and education
  • Board training and policy development
  • Personnel training and development
  • Assistance with strategic planning
  • Assistance with organizational development
  • Assistance with business planning
  • Research and management consultancy services
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Assistance with board and management evaluations and 360 reviews
  • Assistance with collaboration plan development
  • Facilitate access to finance and investment
  • Support services for Marketing & Communication
  • Support services for Risk Management and Compliance
  • Support services for Human Resource Management
  • Support services for Debt Collection and Recovery
  • Support services for ICT
  • Support services for Business-IT Alignment
  • Support services for Business Process Redesign
  • Support services for Digitization and Digitalization
  • Other support services where appropriate
  • Referrals to appropriate legal, accounting, audit, technology and other professional services