About the Federation


As Federation of Credit Unions, Fekoskan stimulates, broadens, and supports the cooperatives within the community.

The Curacao Federation of Credit Unions is an organization that seeks to support, expand and unite credit unions in Curacao. The federation consists of a network of successful financial cooperative businesses (credit unions). Credit unions seek to improve the lives of their members and communities.

We have recently updated our vision & mission statement

Passion: Credit Unions are the most important providers of affordable, high-quality, and ethical financial products and services in Curaçao.

Vision: Fekoskan, as the leader in innovation, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advocacy for credit unions, is fully committed to making a difference for the credit unions in Curaçao.

Mission: Unite, support, strengthen and promote the credit unions to grow sustainably and continuously improve the people’s lives in Curaçao.

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