Vacancy Internship 4


Vacancy for internship with graduation assignment.

We are looking for an intern!

Graduation assignment: The development of a Cooperative Youth leadership Program

Fekoskan has set up a Youth Council (YC). The YC is intended for young members who want to focus more on the cooperative movement in terms of content and policy and who want to gain managerial experience. The YC discusses strategic issues and the future of the cooperative movement, such as market developments and strategy. The YC organizes annual excursions and events for its members.

The YC aims to actively involve and bind young members to the cooperative movement. It is a breeding ground to gain experience with the bodies within Fekoskan and the cooperative movement in general. Always through the eyes of the young cooperativist, the future of the cooperative movement. The YC is a sparring partner and connection of young people with the organization in the field of policy and strategy.

The output from this project will be a thesis that includes all the data and narrative, including implementation plan, that would support the launch of an innovative Cooperative Youth Leadership Program in order to make the YC a continued success.

Internship period: 5 months
Availability: full time
Type of internship: graduation assignment
Type of assignment: applied business project
Intern: (m/f) at HBO/WO level
Direction: Business Management, Education Management, Marketing Management
Characteristics: Affinity with the vision, mission and goals of Fekoskan, positive attitude, independent, extremely organized and proactive
Language skills: Papiamentu, Dutch, English
Internship fee: ANG 500,- p/m

Expected student skills:

  • Knowledge of the cooperative business model
  • Knowledge of training & education processes
  • Knowledge of leadership programs
  • Knowledge of strategic business planning

A pre-selection interview is part of the procedure for acquiring the internship. If you are interested in this internship, or if you would like to receive further information, please contact: Fekoskan, mr. Eldrid Fos, tel. 4623670, email: info@fekoskan.coop