Vacancy Internship 1


Vacancy for internship with graduation assignment.

We are looking for an intern!

Graduation assignment: A study into the digital readiness in financial cooperatives in Curacao

For financial cooperatives, digital transformation is a matter of staying relevant in an ever-changing digital economy. The digital transformation of society is forcing our financial cooperatives to undergo a digital transformation themselves. Not only by communicating more on the outside of the organization via the internet and smart devices, but by undergoing a transformation in the heart of the organization. Anticipating opportunities is vital, but what awaits each financial cooperative? How is the world of members changing? The technology? The employees? The competitors? The sector?

The aim of the internship is to research and to find out to what extent our financial cooperatives are ready for digital transformation (digital readiness), where the gaps are (gap analysis), what the improvement potential is for the financial cooperatives and where the quick wins lie. The output from this project will be a conducted study with recommendations, including an implementation plan, on how to improve digital readiness in financial cooperatives.

Internship period: 5 months
Availability: full time
Type of internship: graduation assignment
Type of assignment: applied business project
Intern: (m/f) at HBO/WO level
Direction: Business Management, Information Management, Digital Transformation, Technology and Innovation
Characteristics: Affinity with the vision, mission and goals of Fekoskan, positive attitude, independent, extremely organized and proactive
Language skills: Papiamentu, Dutch, English
Internship fee: ANG 500,- p/m

Expected student skills:

  • Knowledge of the cooperative business model
  • Knowledge of digital business transformation and innovation
  • Knowledge of research methods and techniques
  • Knowledge of business-orientated market research

A pre-selection interview is part of the procedure for acquiring the internship. If you are interested in this internship, or if you would like to receive further information, please contact: Fekoskan, mr. Eldrid Fos, tel. 4623670, email: info@fekoskan.coop