The composition of the board of directors and the supervisory committee of Fekoskan has changed after the AGM of December 20, 2020.


  • Peggy Isenia (president)
  • Arlinda Margaritha-Gosepa (treasurer)
  • Janike Maria (secretary)
  • Astrid Carolina-Richardson (Vice president)
  • Devid Eusenia (second treasurer)
  • Ruthsainy Mogen (second secretary)
  • 1 Vacancy

Supervisory Committee:

  • Elshten Valks (president)
  • Maritza Angela (member)
  • Perly Van ‘t Kruys (member)

We have said goodbye to Mr. Heinrich Coffie (secretary) and Mrs. Ivionella Murray-Ferero (second secretary). We will greatly miss their personal commitment to the team. We thank both for their versatile commitment to Fekoskan.