Fekoskan provides assistance to existing cooperatives and to groups interested in pursuing cooperative business activities in Curacao. We work across sectors, with all types and sizes of cooperatives. The cooperative sectors we serve include include financial, marketing, consumer, farming, agriculture, fisheries,  purchasing, multi-stakeholder and other cooperatives. Fekoskan’s staff can help groups compare business structures and determine whether the cooperative structure is right for them. 

Fekoskan helps people use the cooperative model to cooperatively accomplish what they may not be able to achieve on their own. Fekoskan can, for example, provide assistance to groups wanting to create affordable home ownership opportunities by starting a housing cooperative, or to parents who want to form a child care cooperative to gain affordable, high quality care with hours or other options that fit their needs, or to a local grocery store that focuses on healthy, locally sourced food by forming a food cooperative.

Fekoskan helps, among others, farmers improve their market conditions and link more closely with consumers through the formation of agricultural cooperatives, for example Kooperativa Agrario Banda Ariba (KOABA). The cooperative helps members promote and market their specialty crop and save money on supplies.

Fekoskan also helps local fishing communities to meet the needs through fishermen’s cooperatives, for example Kooperativa di Piskadonan Daaibooi (KPD).

Below is a basic outline of the types of technical assistance and tools Fekoskan offers. For inquiries regarding services or to discuss custom technical assistance or training needs, please contact us at

Start-up and Emerging Cooperatives

  • Organizational development including steering committee support and project management plan and timeline development

  • Pre-feasibility work including member surveys, community and stakeholder meetings, and development of sources and uses of budgets

  • Assistance with feasibility assessments

  • Assistance with business plans and capitalization strategies

  • Membership drive and capitalization strategy development

  • Development of bylaws and articles of incorporation

  • Board training and policy development

  • Referrals to legal, accounting and other professional services providers

  • Other support services where appropriate 

Established cooperatives

  • Member training and education

  • Board training and policy development

  • Strategic planning

  • Organizational development

  • Assistance with business planning

  • Research and management consultancy services

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Board and management evaluations and 360 reviews

  • Merger facilitation and plan development

  • Access to finance and investment

  • Support services for marketing

  • Human resource development programmes 

  • Referrals to appropriate legal, accounting, audit, technology and other professional services

  • Other support services where appropriate 

For certain services a fee may be applicable. Fees for services are based on a sliding scale that takes into consideration a range of factors, including: stage of development, size and revenue of cooperative, project size and scope and prior knowledge of project. For questions regarding possible fees, please contact us at