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We are open for cooperative business!

FEKOSKAN, the Curacao Federation of Credit Unions, is an organization which seeks to aid, advance, expand and unite credit unions in Curacao.

The federation consists of a network of successful financial cooperative (credit unions) businesses seeking to promote, strengthen and improve the cooperative model in Curacao.

Many of our members have been involved in the cooperative movement in Curacao for the past 60 years. Therefore, whether you are interested in setting up your own cooperative or merely seek to obtain information about Curacao (financial) cooperatives, we can certainly help.  

Are you considering the cooperative option for your start up business? We can provide experienced, professional people and cooperators to give you advice to start your new cooperative the right way.

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Financial cooperatives  (credit unions) in Curacao are working to help build a better world by creating quality jobs, building community wealth, protecting the environment, reducing poverty and strengthening the local economy. Would you like to join a financial cooperative?

2021 Course Program


Fekoskan and the Curacao Cooperative Academy will continue to provide education and training opportunities in 2021. Please contact us for more information about the 2021 program or about our In-House programs for starting coops. 

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